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Meet Doctor Robert Marzban

Dr. Marzban

Robert Marzban, DDS, MDS

As a child, I remember going places with my parents where strangers would come up to us and rave about how my father took such good care of his patients.  I would love for my daughter to have the same memory of me.  

Growing up in Northern Virginia created a very strong tie which eventually brought me back here. My career path started with dental school at the Medical College of Virginia where I earned my DDS Summa Cum Laude; very proud of that, but honestly I had to look up what it meant. A month after graduation, I moved out of state for the first time since early childhood to pursue my residency in Orthodontics. The University of Connecticut gave me a Masters in Dental Science, my specialty degree as an Orthodontist, and a primo seat for college basketball games.

Over the years, I have come to realize that working and living in the same area I grew up in has many benefits. I run into our patients all over town, from activities with the family, or at local functions. It's an honor and a great self-affirmation to see all the smiles I've contributed to. Spend a little time in our office and you'll see the passion and commitment in our team. It's not all work as I've managed to get more than a few family friends, and former patients into the dental profession which makes going to dental meetings very enjoyable.

My wish: be passionate enough to inspire others with my interests.

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meet doctor robert marzban
meet doctor robert marzban
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