5 Cool Things You Didn't Know About Clear Aligners

Would you like to straighten your teeth without a mouthful of metal? You can! LM Orthodontics offers clear aligner systems from 3M™ and Invisalign® that can give you the smile you desire quickly and with almost complete invisibility. 

Straighter teeth can bring lots of benefits, from improved self-esteem to an improved ability to clean and take care of your teeth. Here are five cool things you might not know about clear aligners:

1. Clear aligners are metal-free

Traditional orthodontic methods, such as braces and retainers, typically use metal components that can be finicky, uncomfortable, and very obvious when you smile. Clear aligners from Invisalign and 3M are made of clear, high-grade plastic. With clear aligners, you can straighten your teeth without the discomfort, hassle, or metal-mouth look.

2. Clear aligners are custom-made for your mouth

Your clear aligners are custom-made from a mold of your bite. This ensures that your aligners will fit perfectly.

3. You can maintain your familiar dental hygiene routine

With traditional braces, brushing and flossing can become an ordeal. Food can get trapped in your braces, and wires and bands can get loose. With clear aligners, you can remove them to clean your teeth and eat.

4. You won't have to come into the office all the time

With clear aligners, you get a series of trays at the beginning of your treatment. Every week or two, you switch out one set of aligners for the next slightly adjusted set of aligners in the series. You’ll only need to come in every once in a while so your dentist can check your progress. 

5. You can transform your smile invisibly

Invisalign and 3M aligners are almost invisible to the naked eye. Furthermore, your aligners won’t hinder your speech or draw attention to their presence. You can transform your smile and attain the personal and health benefits of straight teeth without anyone knowing you're using a straightening system.

Do you want to see if clear aligners can help straighten your teeth? Learn more by booking an appointment online or over the phone with LM Orthodontics today.

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