The Advantages of Choosing Clear Braces

Adolescents, teenagers, and adults alike would rather avoid a mouthful of metal braces if at all possible. But some orthodontic problems, like moderate-to-severe misalignment, prevent the option of removable clear aligners, so you may feel stuck with the metal wires and brackets. But don’t resign yourself to that fate just yet — you have another choice.

At LM Orthodontics in McLean, Virginia, our team of experts offers you the corrective power of metal braces with the inconspicuousness of clear aligners — clear braces. Here are the top benefits of clear braces that give you the best of both worlds.

Barely noticeable

The top reason orthodontists and their patients choose clear braces is that they’re barely noticeable, which eliminates the number one reason people balk at getting braces at all. With the issues of unsightly metal out of the equation, the choice to proceed with your alignment treatment is much easier.

Clear braces let the natural color of your teeth show through, and tooth-colored ceramic blends into the background so your braces won’t call attention to your teeth while they’re undergoing treatment.

Faster treatment

When you’re getting your teeth aligned, your number one priority is wrapping up the treatment as soon as possible. Even if you’re eager to get your braces on so you can fix your smile, everyone looks forward to the day they come off. Clear braces can get the job done faster than clear aligners, which move your teeth in smaller increments than braces can.

Better for major misalignment

Clear aligners have revolutionized the world of orthodontics and are a great option for many people. But if your teeth are severely crooked, clear aligners aren’t the answer. Braces are the best and only choice when your teeth need extra support and more force to get them into the proper position so your bite is right.

Safe for imaging tests

If you have a mouthful of metal, you may have to postpone X-rays or MRIs, which are critical diagnostic tools for countless medical and dental conditions. Although many people who wear metal braces never face this dilemma, if a condition arises that necessitates these tests, you’ll either have to wait until your treatment is over, or, if the medical condition is potentially life-threatening, you may need to have your braces removed. Clear braces are safe to wear during X-rays and MRIs, so you don’t have to worry.

Getting your misaligned teeth straightened is going to make your smile spectacular and amp up your self-confidence, but why wait? You can choose clear braces and walk around with the confidence that your smile looks good even during your treatment. 

To learn more or schedule an appointment to find out if clear braces are right for you, contact us at LM Orthodontics or request a consultation online today.

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