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For many prospective orthodontic patients, the worst part of braces is the way they look in your mouth. The team at LM Orthodontics understands the frustrations of attending school, work, or social events with a mouthful of glaring, dark metal. They want patients to achieve straight teeth without embarrassment and with less alteration to their appearance. If you’re interested in getting clear braces to perfect your smile, request an appointment at LM Orthodontics.

Clear Braces

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are almost exactly the same as traditional metal braces but are less noticeable in your mouth. They’re typically made of ceramic or clear brackets and rubber bands to pull your teeth into position. A common misconception is that clear braces are the same as clear aligners. While the two have several of the same benefits, this is not the case. Clear braces are a better transparent option for patients with more severe misalignment who need the strength of traditional metal braces.

What are the benefits of choosing clear braces?

There are many benefits of choosing clear braces when it comes to straightening your smile.

These include:

  • Less visible than metal braces
  • Work faster than clear aligners
  • Work on moderate to severe misalignment
  • Better matched to your tooth color
  • Don’t disrupt dental or medical imaging tests

Additionally, clear braces let you keep your confidence during the straightening process. Others can’t see them from a distance or in pictures (unless they’re making an effort to look for them) and you have a better view of the progress of your treatment without dark wires and brackets obstructing your view.

Who is a candidate for clear braces?

Clear braces clearly have many benefits for those who choose them, but they’re not the best teeth-straightening option for every case. The team at LM Orthodontics may advise you to choose traditional metal braces instead if you have severe crookedness or overcrowding.

How should I care for my clear braces?

While clear braces are convenient and typically look great, there are a few steps you must take in order to maintain them if you want them to keep their clean and clear appearance. The team at LM Orthodontics recommends that you:

  • Avoid staining drinks like red wine and coffee
  • Limit staining foods like tomato sauce and berries
  • Avoid smoking
  • Brush thoroughly twice a day
  • Floss once a day using helpful tools provided by your dentist

If the transparent bands on your clear braces get stained, don’t worry; the team at LM Orthodontics changes them each time you visit for an adjustment.

If you’re contemplating straightening your teeth and want to learn more about clear braces, call LM Orthodontics.