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You may not realize it, but your misaligned jaw is impacting your appearance and increases your risk of sleep apnea and other breathing problems. At LM Orthodontics the team of expert orthodontists work together with oral surgeons to reshape or adjust your jaw with corrective jaw surgery to greatly improve your mouth’s function and facial esthetics. To find out if corrective jaw surgery could be a beneficial addition to your orthodontic treatment, request a consultation at LM Orthodontics today.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

What is corrective jaw surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery, termed orthognathic surgery among orthodontists, is a type of surgery that realigns your jaw and your teeth by correcting skeletal disharmony that may have been with you since birth. In general, corrective jaw surgery can help you speak more clearly, eat without difficulty, and even breathe better. It can even alter the shape of your face and improve your appearance.

Corrective jaw surgery is a very personalized procedure and differs greatly between patients depending on their needs. It involves an incision near either your upper or lower jaw. Your surgeon then cuts your upper or lower jawbone in order to move it forward or backward into a new position. Before your procedure, they’ll detail the entire plan to you so you know what to expect.

When do I need corrective jaw surgery?

There are several reasons why you may need corrective jaw surgery. You should book a consultation to find out how surgery could benefit you if you:

  • Have trouble chewing or biting
  • Have trouble swallowing
  • Have a protruding jaw
  • See an open space between your upper and lower front teeth when you bite down
  • Feel that your face looks unbalanced from the front or side
  • Always have pain in your jaw
  • Breathe through your mouth
  • Can’t close your lips together
  • Have sleep apnea

Even if you don’t notice these or other issues, your dentist or orthodontist may recommend corrective jaw surgery if they feel it would benefit you.

How can I prepare for corrective jaw surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery often takes extensive preparation. The team at LM Orthodontics creates a custom treatment plan leading up to your surgery that may include braces or other oral appliances. Appliances or braces can align your teeth to an optimal position to enhance the result of the surgery.

Before the date of the surgery, the team may ask you to:

  • Undergo X-rays or 3D scanning
  • Buy liquid foods in advance to eat while you recover
  • Stop eating or drinking in the hours before your surgery
  • Stop taking certain medications in the days before your surgery
  • Quit smoking
  • Arrange time off work or school for the surgery and recovery period

The team gives you specific instructions according to your surgical plan. For the best possible outcome, be sure to follow all instructions carefully and ask questions about your treatment if they arise.

To find out if you need corrective jaw surgery to drastically improve your appearance or your quality of life, call LM Orthodontics to book your consultation today.